• Extra security with alarm systems for windows and doors

  • Extra security with alarm systems for windows and doors

    Extra security with alarmsysteem for windows and doors

    Safety is crucial. With excellent standard security for windows and doors and extra burglar-proof packages, we make it as difficult as possible for burglars. Did you know that you can even link your alarm system to the built-in magnetic contacts?


    As a specialist in windows and doors, it is only logical for us that security is essential. If you choose one of our products, we guarantee you beautiful design and sturdy material but also high quality hardware.


    Our standard security consists

    Burglary retardant steel locking cams: mushroom-shaped cams that hook better than ordinary pins
    Multi-point locking: the sash is anchored at various places with a number of locking cams, depending on the dimensions of the window.


    Three-point hook lock : lock that hooks into three different places in the door frame
    Glazing beads that fix the glass invisibly to the inside of the window.

    Stijn Guilliams, product manager at Belisol: "As an option we can also provide laminated glass - with one or more foils so that the glass does not fall apart on impact -, a larger number of closing points and other burglar-proof measures.


    Magnetic contacts with alarm

    Do you want to be absolutely sure? Then opt for an alarm system linked to special magnetic contacts in your windows and doors. Jos from SDS and Marc from SDS - specialist in security & home technology - explain how this works to you.


    Marc: "Nowadays more and more people want to protect themselves against burglars. A first aid that can be used for this is a sensor that detects movement on the outside of your house. If you do get to your door or window, magnetic contacts come in handy".


    "Simply put, it's a contact in the window frame, the door frame or the garage door and a magnet in the sliding or hinged part. In this way you can easily keep unwanted visitors outside. As soon as someone opens the window or door, the alarm goes off. By the way, you can only activate that alarm when everything is closed".

    Stijn : "Since the magnetic contacts can already be built in during the building phase, it's practical for us to know whether or not you're going to buy an alarm system. That saves you work and time afterwards. Of course, you're free to choose your security specialist afterwards".


    Home automation: even more advantages

    Marc: "The multiple uses of magnetic contacts make your life easier. Just think of the ease of use: you can always see for yourself which windows and doors are not closed yet. Or we can link it to home automation. For example, you can set it so that the light goes on when you open the garage door or that the heating fails when you open a window".

    May 2, 2020
    April 29, 2020
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